Bible Study

Intro To 1 Thessalonians

Written By: Paul

Date: Sometime between A.D. 51-53, most likely while he was in Corinth

Purpose: Jesus’ second coming.  When Paul was sent out of Thessalonica Timothy sent word to him that the church was growing and during great.  The only problem was the new christians has some misconceptions of the second returning of our Lord and Savior.  So in this letter Paul sets out to clear up some of those misunderstandings.

And because Paul was worried about the new converts to christianity this letter has more of an intimate feel. He wrote this letter to encourage them and for this to be a reminder to be faithful to God.  I’m excited!!!

Dear God, I pray that you give me an open mind and open heart while reading and study the book of Thessalonians.  Lord allow your Holy Spirit to guide  and teach me things that i can’t learn on my own wisdom.  If there is someone else reading your word I ask that you give them the same.  And one more thing God, please, do not let me be the same person after reading as I  am now 🙂

I ask this in your son Jesus’ holy and precious name


God Bless,




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