Being “Nice” Is Hard


For the past few months I have been trying to be”nice” to someone.  I won’t say who just in case they are reading.  But I’ve been failing miserably.  Its especially hard when there are others who feel the same way I do and have no reason to try to be “nice”.  Then I get sucked into the darkness, say how I feel and later feel like crap because I knew, I knew better.

I want to let my light shine but it seems as if my bulb went out and I didn’t replace it.  This issue has  been heavy on me for a while now.  Everyday I say to  myself I will be nice, I will treat them with respect.  Then they open their mouth and my self talk goes out the window.

But I’m glad God showed me this ugly side of me.  I’m not perfect, I’m extremely human but I can’t afford to turn my light on then die to myself when the urge arises.

I don’t know if you have a similar experience, if you do help me out.

God Bless,



4 thoughts on “Being “Nice” Is Hard

  1. The fact that you wrote this reflects where your heart is. Keep trying. When you feel like being less than nice, ask the Lord, in that moment, to give you restraint, strength and words to say. Maybe He will give you silence. He is faithful to our prayers. Keep turning it over to Him and He will make it good!

  2. Don’t be too discouraged! The Bible actually says that your new nature in Christ is kind….that is who you are if you know the Lord! That is the real you. I just posted a blog about it. I think it might encourage you! Have a blessed day!

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