Become a Problem Solver

This is from my Living a Divinely Inspired Life Devotional on YouVersion…God is Good!!!


Become a Problem Solver

The world was about to be hit one of the most profound economic recessions it had ever seen. Millions were destined to die of starvation and nations threatened to be wiped out. A great famine was about to hit the land of Egypt.

In Genesis 41, God gave Pharaoh two troublesome dreams predicting impending disaster but he needed someone to help him make sense of it. Joseph showed up on the scene and by the grace of God was able to explain Pharaoh’s dream. However what is most striking about the anointing in Joseph’s life was the ability to also come up with a solution.

There are many people who have mastered the art of finding fault and pointing out mistakes. They are expert problem highlighters.

Moon walkers not only see the problem but also know how to create and articulate solutions. The person who solves problems is the one who will pass their exams. The person who solves problems is the one who will get that promotion or raise.

Problem solvers are sought after, paid more and shown greater respect than problem creators or finders.

Make your mark, leave your footprints on the moon and become a solution to somebody’s dilemma.

Owned by Dr Elizabeth Babatunde

I hope your blessed by this, Like I was




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