God Sent You A Message:: Are You Going To Read It? North Point TV


Unlike some people on a  Sunday, I’ m working.  I wish I wasn’t (grateful for my job),but I miss having my Sunday off.  Mainly because I want to to  church, when im not there it feels like i missed something, mostly because i have.  Granted i dont work every sunday (praise God) but missing two sundays is two too many for me.

But that was just a little rant,  what i really wanted to share with your guys is the message i listened to while at work.  Because my church doesnt have our sermons online yet(we’re working on it) i listen to other pastors.  So today i listened to Andy Stanlyey who has a church in Georgia called NothPoint.  He did a series called “Text”.   Heres the description for the series:

Part One:

God sent you a text message–it’s called the Bible. And in this message, He revealed His perspective to you on every aspect of your life. Though we jump at the sound of a text from a friend, we tend to ignore the message God sent us in His Word. In part one, Andy Stanley challenges us to set aside our preconceived notions about the Bible and just read it.

Part Two:

Poetry. Prophecy. Biography. War. Sex. Betrayal. The Bible includes all the ingredients of great literature. But this isn’t a simple bookits a collection of ancient documents that tell the story of a loving Father who seeks to redeem his children. Its a story we are still part of today. And whether youre a skeptic or a believer, youll find that the influence and relevance of this incredible compilation of writings seems 2G2BT (too good to be true).

Part Three:

We all have things we want God to do for us. But what if he wants to say something to us? As you let the verses in Scripture work in your heart, you will begin to see change in your life. So you owe it to yourself to read these amazing writings. In part three, Andy Stanley challenges us to find a time, place, and plan for reading the Bible.

Its a great message about listenting to God and reading his word.  Loved it!

North Point TV :: Video Messages.


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