Open Your Eyes

Have you ever felt that there was a roadblock stopping you from reaching your dreams?           Now were your dreams honorable? If you would have reached your goal would it have brought you closer to God or would it have pulled you away?  God wants us to grow, remember (… “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly”. John 10:10 ESV).  But he doesn’t want us to grow away from HIM.  And sometimes he put blocks in front of us (i.e another person getting the job you want, someone else having the girl/boy you want to date, being 1 # off from winning a lottery jackpot) that we can’t see.

I challenge you today to open your eyes.  My pastor always talks about the spiritual world that we can’t see.  How we’d be surprise to see all the evil but even more surprised to see all the angels fighting on our behalf.  I won’t take the challenge that far, but whenever you come across a block instead of getting upset and fussing a GOD

asking him why,why,why think about.  Was this good for my relationship with GOD or would this have pulled me away?

Read Numbers 22:4-34 for a story about a man who GOD literally showed his roadblock.

God,  help me to open my eyes and see the things which would hinder my growth in you.  Give me dreams and goals that honorable and in your will for my life.  Help me not to seek earthly treasure and worldly wisdom but seek righteousness, Amen.

God Bless,



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