Another God

” Come on”, they said make us some gods who can lead us.” – Exodus 32:1 (NLT)

I wonder why they felt the need to have a physical god.  I’m sure it feels better to have something to touch, something that you can talk to.  But why another god?

They had a “GOD”, the GOD.  I wonder why they didn’t just ask GOD to come down and be among them.  And I wonder what he would’ve said.

My devotional today ask “Who Are you Following ?”   God provided all these things to Israel the people he loved and yet they asked for “another god”.  My devotional (Heaven Calling) Speaks from God’s point of view and it says that he grieved.  And he still grieves to this day when we turn from him and follow(worship) anything/one before HIM.

GOD says for us to put aside our earthly “gods”. Why? Because he can lead us to a better path, a path of peace,love,mercy, and grace.

I don’t what your other “gods” are.  It could be your job, family, love of money and material things, it could be a relationship or maybe you made yourself a god.  I don’t know.  But ask yourself the question from above.  Who Are You Following?  If GOD is toward the end of your list, if he’s not even on your list ask why, then seek repentance and guidance.


Lord, help me turn toward you. Show me the way, so that I may follow you wholeheartedly.

God Bless,



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