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Give Me Your Worries

1 am,

4 am,

6 am… All the times I woke up during the night.

Then I had a feeling of dizziness and drowning.  It was scary and I didn’t know what to do (thank God I’m off today).  But I remember someone telling me when stuff like that happens it means two things: 1. God wants to tell you something 2. You need to tell God something (PRAY).  And that’s what I did I prayed, and who knew I had all of this worry in me? I think I do a good job of fooling myself into thinking that I’m not worried about anything.  And tonight really showed me how wrong I was. I am worried, I worry about my relationship, I worry about finances, I worry about my future, I worry about my family (cousin was recently in an accident), WORRY, WORRY WORRY!!!

So I went to a devotional sample I have on my IPad titled “Heaven Calling”.  The great thing about this devotional is that it speaks to you in the voice of God.  I initially bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas then realized that sometimes I needed to hear God’s voice too.

So on Jan 5. (Remember I said I had a sample) the devotional was “ Give Me Your Worries” here’s a sample…

I am strong enough to toss a mountain like a pebble. I am bigger than the universe. So you can absolutely rest your cares upon my shoulder…  Sometimes you even ass worries that aren’t yours to bear… Rest assured that I have everything under control in your life too …

Needless to say that I bought the whole book a few minutes ago LOL.  I don’t know what your worries are or even if you have any, but God knows and he’s strong enough and God enough to carry them for you.

 6 Be humble under God’s powerful hand so he will lift you up when the right time comes.7 Give all your worries to him, because he cares about you.  1 Peter 5:6-7 (NCV)

Lord, I need you in my life, I need you to carry my burdens and erase my fears.  Give me the faith to trust you. Amen

God Bless,




Disclaimer: I did not write the devotional written above.  If you would like to read it please support and buy a copy here

Heaven Calling is an elegantly designed, 4-color devotional that takes you on a stirring, 365-day personal journey from Genesis through Revelation. Written in first person, this unique devotional establishes a panoramic storyline for the biblical narrative and, more importantly, paints a colorful portrait of the most vital Bible concepts.  




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