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Keeping the Love Alive…

How much time do you spend cultivating your relationship with God?  Be honest, this isn’t going to be graded.   Is it more than you do with your friends? More than your significant other?  Again this isn’t a test just something to get you thinking.

I can say that I don’t cultivate my time with God… Do I read my bible?  Yes.  Do I pray? Sure on occasion but its not the same as a relationship with a friend or a boyfriend.  We go out and do things and I regularly call or text just to make sure they are ok.  But with God I don’t.  Why?  I don’t know maybe it because I know he will always be around and I can call on him whenever.  Yea I think that’s it.

I take for granted my relationship with God because HE IS GOD!  But as I was reading my devotional it points out that God needs love to.  Our relationship should mean more to us than our friendships or romantic relationships.  So I questioned myself and the book gave me an answer “ Therefore, you must sustain your special relationship God by using such practices as prayer, meditation, reflection, solitude, and Bible study.  Engaging in these spiritual endeavors fans the flame and keeps the love alive”.

We know we can’t go to the mall with God or take him on a date but we can spend as much time with him spiritually.  Our want and desire for him should overtake our ability to live without him.


Lord I pray that every morning I will wake up wanting to be more in love with you, wanting to spend more time with you and wanting to learn more about you.  Give me the desire to love you above ALL.  Show me what is keeping me from you and eliminate those things…Amen



God Bless,



Read Psalms 5:3 and Psalms 42:1-2 for more


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