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A Hard Reset

photo courtesy of Glogster

When was the last time you had to reset something? Computer, Phone, IPod.  I always hated doing a reset, especially a hard reset.  That meant everything I had would be taken away, erased, like I never created it.  Just when I had my iPod set up the way I wanted, or my phone was stacked with apps, my computer was designed just for me.  Then something happened, the computer crashed, my iPod froze and the advancement of technology just seemed too much for my phone to handle.

Then you try to fix it on your own, press and hold the power button, charge the phone, sync to iTunes but nothing worked.  Next step take it to the experts.   You leave your items come back and they say there is nothing that can be done they need to reset it.  Heart drops…  All my hard work, all that time, but what can you do?? Nothing!!!!  So you agree to reset it.

That’s kind of how I’m feeling.  Life was well I had everything setup the way I wanted, cruising through life.  Then freezes.  So I try to fix me and nothing is working. Now I’m at the foot of the expert, he’s smarter than all the geek squads combined.  Better than any phone tech at repairing and he’s telling me I need a hard reset.  Heart drops…all my hard work…my life.

I lost communication, I stopped charging, I can’t function with all the freezing and if I don’t do something I will crash and I wont get back up.  I need a new battery and a reset.  And he’s just the person to do it.  I checked his credentials and its 66 books long.  So I’m ok with it.

I guess I’m starting over…


2 thoughts on “A Hard Reset

  1. “Your life is a do-over,” says Billy Crystal in City Slickers. “You’ve got a clean slate.”

    I found you on tag surfer and thought of this quote. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a do-over, some people have had more than one. I stopped functioning, communicating, charging and began freezing at about 25. It took me until 30 to decide that I needed a do over.

    Interestingly, I have learned that the brain finishes developing at about 25. That is when the frontal lobe gets good at higher level thinking. I doubt this is a coincidence…

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