Faith / Love

Letter to God

Photo courtesy of Craftytv

Lord I need help!!!  Lord I need you!!!

There’s alot going on in my head right now and I’m driving myself crazy.  I’m probably driving you crazy since you know my thoughts.

Lord give me assurance and unwavering faith.  Teach me to talk to you before I question myself.  Love me more than I love myself.  Organize the mess I created, clean me, purify me, make me over.  Tell me I’m worth it, hug me when I’m sad, wipe my tears when crying.

Lets reconnect.  I’m over here and feel that you’re all the way ————————————————————————–> over there.  How did I get here? Oh yeah i walked.  Can you walk with me back to here <———————————————————————————-. When I’m scared can you comfort me?  When I sin please forgive me.  When I need love…… Love me!



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