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God Knows Your Resolutions Too…

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I know I’m not the only person who made the decision to give more of myself to God this year.  In fact its common “resolution” many Christians make in the start of a new year.  I don’t know where your are in walk, you could be a baby in the faith, a child, teen or full blown adult.  But don’t be ashamed of making that promise to God.  He deserves our best, and while many people will say hello to him on Sunday and forget about him during the week you made the toughest decision to make him a daily part of your life and God sees that and he will honor it.

While I was reading a devotional on Saturday the key chapter was Daniel 10 and in that chapter Daniel received a vision detailing events that would happen to God’s people and it made him sad, so sad that he fasted for three weeks (the Daniel’s  Fast).  God sent a messenger to him to explain the vision and that’s where my point comes in. In verse 12 it says “… Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard…” When Daniel fasted and prayed before God to get understanding God heard him and sent the messenger.  The same can be said for us.  We set our minds on God and following his word he hears and he honors that.  So don’t think your resolutions mean nothing, they mean a lot not only to God but to the devil as well.

See when Daniel Set his mind, Fasted and Prayed God Sent his messenger.  So when we do those things for family, school , to better our circumstances or to gain a better relationship with God, God will move on our behalf.  And so will the devil, the moment Daniel prayed God sent his messenger and before the messenger could get to Daniel the spirit prince of he kingdom of Persia blocked him, for 21 days (3 weeks).  But Daniel was faithful and continued to fast and pray.

No lie, guys it took me 3 days to get a full understanding of this text,  I was so excited to share that one verse that I almost missed some of the important stuff.  I just couldn’t understand what I was suppose to say until I read the whole chapter again.  And it still took some time to understand that.  But my life application bible broke it down and I finally had that a ha moment. “Although God sent a messenger to Daniel, a powerful spiritual being detained the messenger for three weeks.  Daniel faithfully continued praying and fasting, and God’s messenger eventually arrived.  Answers to our prayers may be hindered by unseen obstacles. Don’t expect God’s answer to come to easily or too quickly. Prayer may be challenged by evil forces, so pray fervently and pray earnestly. Then expect God to answer at the right time”.

Wasn’t that a breakdown…lol  So this year continue to seek God and don’t give up on your resolutions, don’t give up on your prayers and don’t give up on God.  Think of this, Daniel had to wait three weeks for an answer, how long are you willing to wait for God?

If you have time read Daniel 10 it was a great read!!!



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