Yes Our God Is Great, But How Should They Know It???

Hola Everyone!!

Yesterday morning was such an awesome morning for me. It started off a little slow I got dressed, made breakfast, read my devotional, etc and was ready to get to work. On my drive there I ran into traffic and so I focused on my music and the song How Great is Our God was on, mind you it also played while I was home. So this time I sang along and got into it.

And as I was singing “If all could see how great, how great is our God” the Holy Spirit asked me “Mychele how can they see ?” And I thought about it and said” well we have to show them.”

Let’s face it Jesus isn’t physically present on this earth, so the only way non-believers can witness his greatness is through us. Jesus said ” Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Matt 5:16″ I know this is a lot of pressure but we have to give them something to want. If all we show them is our sufferings, pain, reminiscing of old days when we were in the world why would they want to be saved? But if we can show them that our lives are better now than before they’re going to want what we have.

This may mean, being joyful through pain, helping others, praising God in the open, sharing your testimony with others, and straight up witnessing. Sounds like a lot, is that asking to much of you? Well compare what your doing to the ultimate price Jesus paid for you.

Lord, I pray that everyday I have a chance to show how wonderful and amazing you really are. I want my light to shine so bright that they can’t see me and all they see is you. You paid the ultimate price for me and the least I can do is tell someone else. Give me a bold spirit to proclaim your word. Amen

Keep Shining,


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