The Best Christmas Gift..

Hola People,

I want to ask you a question. What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received? For me Greyson (my car) lol… Was the best. He was a gift from my mommy for graduation/ christmas. For years I didn’t have one, but don’t be sad for me because I really didn’t need it until I became more involved in school. activities and over time the need grew. I asked my mom for months for a car, I prayed and fasted and nothing. I even moved farther away from campus (talk about a leap of faith) had to sleep at other peoples houses and still nothing. So when I went home for thanksgiving and she told me we could go car shopping I was beyond ecstatic.

But as I sit here a type I realized that Greyson can no way touch the gift that God gave to me thousands of years ago. Because he loved me and you he sent his son Christ Jesus to die for our sins. Actually, John 3:16 says he gave, how awesome is that.

So while we’re in the christmas spirit let’s remember the greatest gift there ever was and know you can never out give God.

Action: Compare the gifts of man to the gifts of God. How do they match up?

Prayer: God, I thank you for send your only son to die on the cross that he made to die for me. Help me to give more of myself to you and to be a humble servant to your people.

Keep Shining,


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