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My Potential

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t question my purpose of existing.  I have dreams that I would love to see fulfilled but I’m not sure if that is my calling or my purpose.  I know I have one Jeremiah 1 tell me I do.  Soo what is it. Most if not all of my friends know that i love to read, to me reading is better than watching TV, shopping (unless I’m shopping for a book), and anything else you can come up with.  Its just something i love to do.  And my friends also so know i have quite an imagination.  Sometime i shock myself by the stories I come up with.  So what does this mean?

The heck if I know…My friends have been pushing me to write books for years, but i never saw myself as the author.  I didn’t go to school and major in English ( I majored in Health Srvc Administration) , I’ve never taken a creative writing class,  I’m no literary genius, and I just plainly don’t think I have it in me. How sad I am? I sound like Moses.

Then I started this blog and it gave me a new perspective on my dreams and goals and ambitions.  So i said OK God maybe I can write a book. Maybe I can encourage people and change the world and all be me at the same time.  So how do I do it? I’ve already listed the strikes against me and then God does what he always does and shows who’s really the boss.I gave him a challenge in the form of my friend Nicole.  I challenged her to find me a creative writing class that i could take online and for free.  Only doing this because i thought it to be impossible.  10 mins later she calls me back and tells me about a friend of hers who is offering a class as apart of her assignment for her masters.. oh and its Free!! You’d think I’d be excited…nope i then realized i had to go through with it and sign up so I did. 

But what inspired me to write this post is the devotional i read today from Joyce Meyers:

” Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might” – Ecc 9:10
Then she goes on talking about developing your potential by praying and not only praying but actually starting and not waiting until it is set up perfectly.  Don;’t be the person who is unhappy and complaining because they are just sitting.  You cant start at the finish line. You must start at the beginning like everyone else”. 
Wow this is long.  Our first assignment in the class is to write the biographical section that is usually in the back or the flap of the book.  To see mine read on
God Bless,

Mychele’ Robles (pronounced My-shell-lay) has always been a lover of reading.  And with the encouragement of family and friends decided to switch from reader to author.  She is inspired by love and encouraged through Faith, and wants to share that feeling with the world.  
She was born and raised in Miami, Fl but now currently resides in Orlando where she attends the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!!) pursuing her second bachelors in health informatics and information management.  
She hopes to one day work for the World Health Organization (WHO) and become an advocate of health care for those who are less fortunate and create an encouragement organization for at risk teens.

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