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Song of the Day (SOTD): Mercy on Me- Sho Baraka

I’m sure i’m  not the only person on the planet who lies, thinks bad thoughts or committs sins.  But I am apart of an elite group of people who know better than to do it.  Somtimes I beat myself over the head over the things I do.  I don’t want to do it but i feel there is no other way to get it done.  Sho’s song is perfect for the person who struggles everyday to do right knowing the cost Jesus paid but continues to do wrong.  I’m not glorifying sinning in any way but I can sympathize with you.  So lets do something about it.

And for those who like to see what they’re listening to the lyrics are after the break.

God Bless,
Lord, Lord you know I tried/

When I should have been strong I cried/

When I should have helped I walked on by/

When I should have told the truth I straight up lied/

I know your love has set me free/

But I keep on putting you up on that tree/

Oh Lord, Have your mercy on me/

Loving father put you grace on me, on me/

2nd thru 4th Chorus addition

Put Grace on me, on me (repeat 3x)

Loving Father

Put your Mercy on me, on me (repeat 3x)

Loving Father Put you Mercy on me, on me

Verse 1

Tre nerves are bubbling, juggling jobs, avoid hustling/

Hard trusting in God- cuz now he’s struggling/

TV’s throwing lust at him, Corners boys punking him/

Wife wants to fuss with him, LORD keep touching him/

He might return to street life, But he’ll fight will all he can/

But if they test him again, He would hate to have kill a man/

The pressure he can’t handle it, he’s lost ways to channel it/

He might Black out, Then he has to be in anger management/

His common problem- his values aren’t- matching wallet/

He’s praying but still jobless, his faith used to keep him honest/

He’s got visions of bad decisions that are void of godly wisdom/

So this one bad decision will most likely land him in prison/

So a week from now, He’ll be at a Bank in town/

he’ll be yelling get down, with some other clowns, waving a gun around/

He’ll succeed ducking the cops and leaving with profits/

But he’ll have problems dodging all the guilt that’s working on his conscious/

Verse 2

Jane feeling the pain, like razors are in her vain/

A year since the cancer came, her faith and frame has changed/

Chemo and pain killers, the disdain gets realer/

Her Hope becomes thinner, from all the news that they give her/

She taking the news with caution, she knows that the Lords awesome/

But often there’s pauses, of the loses and of what death cost us/

Is it worth fighting she nauseous, plus the hospital charges/

She’s heard there’s light in the tunnel but all she sees is Darkness/

No one is feeling her burden, they just keep giving her sermons/

If they listened with more discernment, they could tell she’s hurting/

Her speech is just an illusion, she’s scared of the end conclusion/

If she shares her doubt- she feels her image may become ruined/

Shes holding her fears in, tears in, She’ll be dead by years in/

Shes not thinking through how God forgives sins/

Until then her nights are long, alone, faking strong/

The corner of her heart, This will be her song, sing /

Verse 3

How often we go thru the motions, up and down rollercoasting/

Scared to admit were hurting, nervous thoughts of perversion/

This culture we’ve built is perfect, were saying his death was worthless/

Not to concerned with worship as along we do our churchin/

Were decorating our person, just to continue a lies/

Or shortcomings we hide, with a shallow disguise/

To prove we got it together, to make it seem like were better/

Than friends, fam whoever, we take some extreme measures/

We have a desire to add, to the grace that we have/

Were never content with our lives, we operate within pride/

We hate to seem dependant, but that’s the way that he intended/

Humans made in his image, built to live in the tension/

Learn wisdom, we were distant his love we didn’t deserve it/

We confess we were worthless, then break our backs trying to earn it/

Without you I’m, helpless, weak, my existence is bleak/

I refuse to proceed without your grace and mercy on me/


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