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Everything Changes, Yet One Thing Stays the Same (ROTD)

Yesterday I had one of the funniest conversations with two of my friends.  I wish I could share what it was but its kind of embarrassing.  After we hung up and went our separate ways I though of past conversations and outings we had as a group and realized that it all changed it an instant.  There was no warning (there was but was it really?) and it really shook the foundation of our friendship. 

We often think that the people we loved a year ago will be the people in our lives forever.  That boy/girl we swore we would marry is a distant memory or still a close heartache.  Those friends we shared our secrets with we no longer talk to.  And those family members we couldn’t imagine our life without we taken without hesitation.

So yes everything changes;

Ecclesiastes 3

To everything there is a season,

      A time for every purpose under heaven:

But there is one person who stays the same;

Malachi 3

“ For I am the LORD, I do not change;” 

 And as I sat in my bed and reminisced on the good times and bad times in my life and observed how everything around me has changed, and how I changed those scriptures stood out in my head.  No matter how many times I break up with someone, no matter how many different churches I attend, no matter the friendships I gained then lost He NEVER CHANGES.  His love for me NEVER CHANGES and that’s more important to me than any one’s opinion of me.

So what in your life is changing? Schools, friends, cities or You?

Be Blessed,


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