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S&L Spotlight: La Familia Muzik

La Familia Muzik

Soo On Friday I attended the Extinction Tour featuring Sho Baraka and JR.  And while their sets were great, but that is what you expect from music veterans.  What really stood out was the group La Familia.  It was refreshing to hear new voices in the Christian Music genre.  They performed 3 songs Let Us Go, Anything for Fashion, and I Give It to You,  all off their new album ” Greetings Earthlings”. My favorite was Anything for fashion, we all know people who make sacrifices to have the new purse or an outfit for every new event.  They will not pay their rent, eat or pay tithes(shameful).  And the song is basically call them out for what they will do for fashion and to be seen as a star if only they looked to Jesus as that star.  And while i do enjoy nice things i can’t make those kind of sacrifices.

La Familia is based in Lakeland, FL.  The group consist of ADAM GILLEY, DJ SAMWIZE, G-86, RYAN HORTON and SYD

So I suggest you check them out!!
La Familia Muzik (website)

La Familia Twitter

God Bless,


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