S&L Reflection: Inside Hurt

Can you remember the last time you sinned?
 What about the last time you felt like you royally screwed up, made the biggest mistake of your life, didn’t feel worthy and didn’t deserve forgiveness?
I feel like that once in a while.  And when I sink into that feeling of self-loathing its hard to get out of it.  The guilt and shame are enough to make you feel like you’re the worst human being on the planet.  But you’re not, you’re just human.  We make mistakes, we hurt other people, we hurt ourselves and we hurt God.  How do we hurt God? By hurting everything I just mentioned.  It’s easy to forget God in these situations when we are so wrapped up in our own emotions, but he hurts like we do and because of Jesus dying on the cross he has compassion towards us.  
 I’m not going to lie there has been times when I make a mistake and I let the mistake become bigger than my forgiveness.  I forget that even tho i messed up, screwed up and everything in between nothing can separate me from the love of God.  
The Bible says that when God forgives us, He “remembers our sins no more” (Jeremiah 31:34.  Therefore, we can accept the fact that we are forgiven in Christ, or we can believe the devil’s lie that we are still guilty and should therefore feel guilty.  Don’t let the devils lies hold you captive and keep you from God’s grace and mercy.
 *On a personal note: I wrote this because this is something I am struggling with and  I wrote it more for me than anyone else.  Hopefully it helps you, and if you already know this I pray that you will share it with someone else.  Encouragement is one of the greatest things you can give a friend.
God Bless.,

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