Love / Reflection. Birthday

S&L Reflection


Well Actually my birthday was yesterday (April 25).  An in a moment of reflection the day also became a day of thanksgiving.  2010 is shaping up to be a year of God, his works and miracles.  At first it scared me, i wasn’t sure if i was ready for him to come back, i wasn’t sure if i was saved enough( dumb huh!) and i wasn’t sure of what it would be like.  But i had to push all of my fears aside and let God do his thing and work it all out.

So back to thanksgiving….

1) I am so thankful that God allowed me to see my 22nd birthday.  I know people say it every year but i really am.  He could have come any time before, he could have called me anytime before but he postponed it.  I’m not sure why nor do i want to know but i’m grateful.

2) I’m Thankful for my Mommy!!!

 She could have aborted me, gave me up for adoption, and never loved me but thank God thats not the case.  She is the greatest mother that i could hop for and I Love Her!!

3) I’m thankful that he gave me great friends…

I had a blast on my Pre-Bday celebration.  They are my godly counsel, my accountability partners, my prayer warriors and they are the friends that every girls wishes they could have.  There are three missing but they were there in spirit.  And i Love Them very much!! And if you dont have a group like this what are you waiting for???

4) I’m Thankful for an awesome boyfriend!!

He went above and beyond to make sure that my day was special and that i had a great time…We have our moments but they never last long and I Love Him!


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