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Contest: This Little Light of Mine

Blogger Cindy from the This Little Light of Mine blog is having a $30 gift certificate contest to celebrate her one hundred and tenth post!!! Here are the details and Rules: 

$30 Gift Certificate for my 110 post!

A few months ago I discovered “Monergism Books” and I absolutely love the site! Their books are usually on sale and they have an awesome variety! I recently purchased my ESV study bible, that is on its way, and it was on sale 🙂 I posted a while back that on my 110th post I would give away a book, I just had not decided which book. I kept debating on what to choose and decided that a Gift Certificate from the site would be best. That way YOU can choose what YOU want 🙂

Gift certificates are the perfect solution when you just can’t find the right gift or you’re short of time. Gift Certificates make a perfect present for friends, family, and business associates.

Here are the rules:

  1. Re-post this twice, on seperate days, on your Facebook, blog, or twitter.
  2. Leave your name and email
  3. *this one is NOT a must but if you can please leave a recommendation for a blog or site that you love* (and tell me why you love it).
I will randomly select the winner!

I will leave this open for 10 days 🙂 so spread the word and tell your friends.
On Saturday the 17th I will annouce and email the winner! 🙂
May you buy something that will further your walk with the Lord!

*I chose $30 because if you purchase $25 or more on the site you get free shipping!*

Good Luck*


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