Starting Anew!

So i decided to listen to a Joyce Meyer sermon today on my IPOD, i haven’t really been diligent as far as reading my word and praying goes.  and lately i feel as if i’ve been doing more sinning than anything else and that isn’t the life i want to live.  I want a life that reflects what i proclaim.  I want my light to shine without me saying I am one.  I want to do more good than receive good.  I want be a good and faithful servant to God. 

So I’m listening to the sermon which is titled Gifts & Fruits … and me personally I’ve struggled with not knowing what my gifts are.  So i dabble in a little of everything.  But i get tired of not knowing.  And I know that I have to be in my word and be in line with God BUT (there really shouldn’t be a but).  There really is not reason for my lack of drive no reason for my lukewarm attitude.  So that is why i am writing today.  I have decided that the lukewarm must STOP and I and asking GOd to ignite my FIRE, give me back the zeal and the passion i once had. 

And if you feel the same take the challenge with me.  I’m not gonna tell you what you should do because you already know what you need to do.  But make this renewal something you want more than anything you have ever desired.

M. Anjel


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