Personal Me


Sooo.. Last friday(Dec.18th) i graduated from Univ. of Central Florida (Yay Me). It was a day mixed with excitement, fun, sadness, anger and a feeling a lostness(might not be a word). The excitement

was me graduating, four years of studying for classes, failing classes, changing majors and Glory to God I finished. When I first started school I wanted to do nursing, I knew I would be a great one. I

had dreams of being a CNO (chief nursing office) or a Nurse manager. Then eventually I would run the hospital. The downfall was me not doing well in my science classes. I passed them but with C’s

and if you’re applying to a limited-access program you need grades that are beyond average. And then came chemistry…I could not pass that class and it hurt me so bad to have to change my major.

But I loved Health Service Administration and that is what my degree is in. So thats my excitement. The Sadness, the same day as graduation I got into a car accident. Yep, I only had the car for 3

weeks and POW!!!! But its in the shop now and hope fully it not to expensive. But that’s the sad part. So onto the lostness. With graduation there is this feeling of what do I do next. I just don’t know

what I want to do. I have an idea but nothing definite so I’ll continue to pray that God leads me in the right path to my destiny.




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